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Thinking about becoming a real estate agent? 2Percent Realty is the best place to be

There is more than one reason why you’d want to be a real estate agent. Because you’re passionate about property, people and getting ahead in your career and the financial rewards it can bring you.

If that about hits the nail on the head then we’re on the same page. Here’s why 2Percent Realty is just about the best place in Canada to become a real estate agent.

Business is booming at 2Percent

Okanagan and Kelowna remain an idyllic location in British Columbia, particularly for those wanting to escape Vancouver or other big urban jungles. We’re able to help buy and sell properties across a wide range of property types. Town houses, mobile homes, detached residential homes and apartments. In 2015, we sold over $1mn in real estate.

As such business is always booming at 2Percent and we have plenty of properties to keep our realtors busy.

100% Customer Satisfaction

2Percent’s unique selling point is that we only take 2% commission on any sale. This saves our clients thousands. But it doesn’t stop us from trying our very best. And we provide full marketing services to all of our clients to make sure they get the best price on the properties out there.

That’s why our clients are always 100% satisfied with our service which means we maintain our optimal reputation.

A team like no other

As a 2Percent real estate agent, you’ll be joining an extensive and experienced team. And you’ll share and contribute the same passion and hard work they all embody. They’ll also be on hand to help you integrate into the 2Percent family.

What’s in it for you

Join the 2Percent team and get:

  • Ownership over your work schedule.
  • A six-figure annual take home salary for full-time agents.
  • Full training in lead generation and real estate sales.

2 Percent Realty is growing by the day. Since 2013, when we made 86 deals, we have moved on to make 561 deals in 2016. This is an exciting time for 2Percent Realty and if you’re as excited as we are about the possibilities that lie ahead then we invite you to be part of it.

Learn more and apply here.